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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sweetest Day

Today was the rose delivery day for Sweetest Day hosted by the Lions Organization.  Or commonly referred to as... The holiday that they guilt my hubby for a donation to send me roses! ;) LOL   Joking aside, my cat and I were very surprised when these were delivered to our door.

They make for a beautiful arrangement on the front room table and fill the room with their fragrance.  How do you like the wide mouth mason jar that is filling in for a vase!  I am not a big fan of cut flowers, so a vase in this house is hard to find.  The mason jar actually works well with the decor. :)

Since she was at the door when they were delivered,  Mew has claimed them as hers.  The blossoms are an odd mixture of peach, yellow and green and match her eyes perfectly...  Do you think that she even has a clue that she is a cat? ;)


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