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Friday, January 4, 2013

Copper Gifts Huge Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutter

Happy New Year!  Instead of starting off with a traditional New Year's post, I decided to share one of my Christmas presents with you.  Leading up to this purchase... I had a phone conversation with my Sister a few weeks before the Holiday, and we had a discussion about how sometimes you just have to buy a gift for the holidays that is something crazy...  something that you simply just want to have. So parting with my practical ways, I purchased for myself a Huge Gingerbread Man cookie cutter from Copper Gifts.   When I saw this huge ginger featured on the Food Channel a few years ago, my wish was to some day add it to my cookie cutter collection.  I am happy to say that it was my most frivolous and favorite gift of the season!   

**Note**  Raymond and Beth Braman (owners of Copper Gifts) make some of the most gorgeous copper cookie cutters in their Kansas based business.  The copper creations range from mini cutters all the way up to the enormous sized Gingerbread Man!  The enormous size ginger is over 20 inches tall... That is one BIG cookie! :)  Although I was in awe of their latest enormous creation, my mind was set on a "cookie sheet manageable"  Huge Gingerbread Man that measures 14.5 x 10 inches. 

A week before Christmas my present arrived.  It was such a thrill to hold this beautiful cookie cutter.  Look at how they wrapped it!  It came with a shimmering red bow, laminated recipe card, and to gather his bag... a lovely tied ribbon with their company name printed on it.  Very festive! :)      

I had Farmer Girl hold onto him to give you a little perspective on the size of this big guy.  Copper Gifts shaped him out of a 2 inch wide band of copper.  He is sturdy!  On his handle, the company hammered their logo into the copper.  The quality of work on this cutter is amazing.  I couldn't be more thrilled! 

I was so busy with last minute preparations that I forgot to take pics of the baking process.  So, this pic was hastily snapped at my family's Christmas gathering.  As you can see, my nieces already had begun to devour his right leg! ;)

If you would like to spend some time browsing the Copper Gifts Website, it can be found here.   As you all know, I love handcrafted items and am in awe of the talented Artisans that practice their crafts.  I hope to keep discovering new people and purchasing their works of art.   I am so glad that I have my friends here at the Hollow to share my wonderful discoveries with.  My sincerest wish is that we all be blessed with a joy filled year... WELCOME 2013!! :)

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