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Friday, October 21, 2011

SBS Challenge~ #10 Ohio Star & #13 String Block

I have been concentrating so hard on my Etsy items that I have fallen a little behind in the Skill Builder Challenge.  :(   Maybe it was due to Flying Geese burnout!!  But do not feel sorry for me, Kenzie and I have made some progress this week and will be caught up in no time... Although, we both decided to do a little jumping out of sequence! ;)  

The next block in the series to be completed was  #10 the Ohio Star.  I really like doing these triangles sooo much more than the Flying Geese.  The geometric shapes are nice and clean.  I definitely could have been more precise on lining up my points, but the block came out to exactly the right size... that is always a great feeling! :)  

I jumped to lucky #13 next - the String Block.  This was accomplished using the paper piecing method.  I have never done any paper piecing in my life and have been so anxious to try.  Anxious enough to skip a few block challenges to try it! ;)  The method was an absolute blast... I loved it!!  It was so precise with a little bit of a surprise element once the blocks get trimmed.  The only draw back to this block is that it was designed to be random, and I am a control freak and like to have some say on placement of colors.   I stuck to the assignment and let the patterns fall where they may.  You can see where I tried to keep a little control over the color theme.  After looking at the finished work, I could see this block being more bold with a crazy amount of mismatched colors.  I am now hooked on this technique.  It is such a great feeling to learn a new talent... Even better when one falls in love with it! :)

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