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Monday, October 31, 2011


It has been a few years since I have carved a pumpkin.   This year, I was feeling kinda festive, and this little guy was sitting by his lonesome just waiting to scare off some spirits.   Let's face it... No one would dare go near the sick guy! LOL

Due to my extreme fear of setting my table on fire, I stuck a clip light into him with a notch for the cord to exit out the back of the lid.  He glows like a beacon in the night!  His shell was so thin that even his skin even glows.  One of my little trick or treators kept staring at him.  She said he was one spooky pumpkin. LOL

Trick or Treating is over for another year. *sigh*  Hubby and I have been hitting the leftover popcorn balls and candy bars... Guess I'd better quit pigging out before this little guy and I have something in common! ;)

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