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Friday, October 7, 2011

Edgerton Thresheree ~ Labor Day Weekend

I know this is a late post, but here are some of the happenings at the Edgerton Thresheree on Labor Day weekend.  This is an event that we attend every year.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  We even had a slight chill to the wind... That's a first!! ;)  The flea market was the best variety of vendors that I have seen there in a while, and the machines displayed and in use were a pleasure to view.   So just in case you are thinking about attending next year, here is a little glimpse into this years festivities...

Here are some attendees entering the thresheree.  The field to the left of the road is busy being plowed and picked with vintage machines.  There are also tractor drawn "people haulers" to get spectators to the gate. :)

Some vintage threshing equipment on display.

This machine was a such a blast to watch.  I would love to get one for my kid.  You put the stalks of corn in... and the machine separates the ears from the stalk.  The little conveyor to the right is where the ears ride up and into the wagon.  I tried my best to capture one on its travels but as you can see... I missed! :(

Displays like this are set up all over the grounds of various machines.

Did you really think that my hubby wouldn't find the Minnis?? ;)

How would you like to have to crush rock this way?   And I thought some of the jobs that I did were dirty...  Yikes!

Have you ever seen a belt that long?  This machine and that extremely long belt run the saw mill blade.  It was a pleasure to see this working mill in action...

Love the old logging machine! :)

Cornmeal and Buckwheat flour for sale!  The cornmeal and buckwheat are donated by local growers and are ground, bagged and sold here.

This gentleman is grinding the cornmeal.  They had a vintage machine for the buckwheat too, but it was vibrating like crazy and creating such dust that I didn't get a photo!

Have no worries...  I may have not got the second photo, but I did get my cornmeal and buckwheat.  The bags are complete with recipe cards! :)

I had to make a few purchases from the flea market. ;)  Some rooster hangers that I just fell in love with... and a vintage copy of Gardner's book  "Art Through the Ages".  This was the book that was a thorn in my side during Art History class.  Ughh... memories!  I sold it back at the end of semester and years later- wished that I hadn't.  I figured enough time has passed that its pages would be more appreciated and maybe easier to understand! LOL 

Oh... And this year, they also had a tractor pull!  Yay! 

It's hard to believe that another thresheree has come and gone... *sigh*   If you are ever in Edgerton, WI on Labor Day weekend and are interested in flea markets and agriculture, this is truly terrific event to attend.

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A Primitive Homestead said...

We have these type Grease Rust & Steam shows in our area a few times a year & a parade in the fall festival. We always enjoy visiting. My fav is the MM Tractor Truck. Very few left but always a treat to see. Enjoyed seeing yours. Blessings!