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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

The bewitching hour is growing near!!  Farmerboy and his Farmer girl (No kidding here folks... Although she dabbles more in raising cattle than tilling the soil!) are busy carving pumpkins to ward off the evil spirits.

Here is Farmerboy making sure that no seeds were missed.  Personally, I would have told him to mind his own pumpkin! LOL  But his girlfriend isn't to fond of the cleaning process anyways. ;)

This is why he was so interested in the seeds.  Just his way of giving Mom a job to bake later! ;)

I think they both did a fantastic job.  They will be perfect on the front room table tonight!

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Black Cats, Fall Mix and Etsy

Halloween is getting a little more festive at the Hollow thanks to the great Etsy Stores of Harvest Moon Prims and Olde Annie Primitives.  I have made a vow to not only sell through this great site but take advantage of the opportunity to buy wonderful handcrafted items from my fellow Artisans.  Here are a few of my most recent purchases: 

The first spooky bag contains three black cats with backs arched, tails up, and all grunged with the scent of the season.  They are from Annie at Olde Annie Primitives .  Her enchanting store has a wide variety of primitive bowl fillers, candle mats, tree skirts, centerpieces and sooo much more.  (Check out her tiger striped and multi colored kitties... too cute!)  My new scaredy cats are a great addition to my fall decor and fit in perfectly with my plan to collect black cats (in honor of my cat Mew). ;)    The quality of these handcrafted bowl fillers are nothing short of perfection.  Annie definitely strives to have return customers!  I can only guess that some of her inspiration for these darling kittys came from her own black cat Harley.  So if you have the time, check out Harley's page and Annie's primitive creations at her wonderful blog here.  If you love prims like me, you will not be disappointed! :)

My second purchase was from Marilyn at  Harvest Moon Prims.   As you can see, those cats will be displayed proudly with some of Marilyn's scented pudka pods, hips and acorn melts.  (I wish this blog had smellavision... Mmmmm...)   The mix has such a wonderful depth of color that complements my new cats purrfectly! ;)  Oh... and Marilyn does not only sell some fantastic fall mix filler, she also has sewn prim creations, soap, melts, grubby candles... too much to list here! ;)  I will definitely be going back for some more items in the future.  If your interested in visiting Marilyn at her blog,  she can be found here.  :)

Now my wooden bowl is filled and in its place of honor.  The smells of fall are drifting throughout my front room.  As you can see, I added some cinnamon sticks to match the spicy brown rub on my cats.  It is such a wonderful display.   My next addition to this area will be a fall inspired wool mat... Creating it will give me something to stitch on during these chilly October nights! :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Wonderful Month of October! :)

I LOVE the month of October and the gorgeous hues of fall.  It is amazing how the green leaves transform into beautiful crimsons, rusts, and golds.  I anxiously look out the window each morning to see if the dark shades have brightened to a fiery blaze overnight .  If only it could last a few months longer... *sigh*