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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sister's Choice Quilt in Progress

I am playing a mad game of catch up lately!  It is good to be working on the projects that I love.  My nine patch blocks are now all completed for my Sister's Choice quilt (Directions can be found on Bonnie Hunter's blog "Quiltville").  They will make up the center for the larger block.  Preparations of the green 2 1/2 inch blocks for the corner are underway, and a decision will be made soon on the colors of the border.

I haven't given up on the Skill Builder Challenge either! ;)  Although most of the girls are finishing up the challenge, the next few months will find me picking up where I left off.  It is important to finish this challenge and learn the necessary skills for future quilts.  With the time pressure off, my hopes are to get the remaining blocks completed before the first snow fall.  It sounds odd to post about snow, but time is flying by at The Hollow and projects for Fall Etsy sales must come first! :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pictures of the New Grandchicks! ;)

I should have known that there would be more than one!  Here are the latest picks of the new Grandchicks. ;) 

The first to arrive was this little butterscotch colored fuzz ball.  It always amazes me how they can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, when you pick them up! :)

The next day this little guy was waiting for Farmerboy in the hen coup.  He (or she) reminds me more of  Davey in looks but has a pumpkin colored spot on the left side of his face.  The color of his down makes him look like a little penguin! :)

Introductions were made...   Lil' Butterscotch didn't seem to thrilled with sharing digs, since she (or he) was a whole day older than the mini Penguin! LOL  But later in the night, they settled together fine.  I had to put Davey into another cage, since he is way larger than these two.  Although I must say, he didn't act like they bothered him much.  But... Davey tends to believe that he is descended from ducks and is much to wild with the  water dish for these little peeps! ;) 

After getting home from work yesterday, this tiny little lump named Coal was waiting for me.  She (or he) is half the size of the other two.  It made me a little nervous to place her in with the other chicks, but I am happy to report that all three are getting along famously!

I was  informed last night by Farmerboy that one more egg had a little hole started in it yesterday.  So... there might be one more to add to the group tonight.  Even though I enjoy this little distraction to everyday life,  my hopes are that this will be the last addition to our little flock! ;) 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Addition to the Household

Here is the latest addition to the Pumpkin Hollow household.  His name is Davey.  He is a brave little guy, who is the sole survivor from an attack on our baby chicks.  My son decided to bring Davey into the house, until he gets some size to him.  I have found out that he is quite the escape artist and spent some time chasing him around my son's room yesterday.   It has been awhile since we have had chicks in our home.  Davey is a nice little reminder of how wonderful new life can be... :)  

Farmerboy has just recently purchased some lambs to raise, also.  I will have to get some photos of them to share.  They  have light and dark colored coats.  This will be a new adventure for us.   It will be exciting to have some natural wool to play with!  ;)