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Monday, July 18, 2011

First Antique Tractor Pull for the Minneapolis Moline U

Northern Illinois is getting hit with some incredible heat index numbers this week, just in time for the county fairs.  My son has been waiting for the Antique Tractor Pull to try out the Minneapolis Moline U that runs on an LP tank.  Due to the high temps, I almost bailed on this one but couldn't miss the U's debut.  Thanks to the generosity of the announcing staff, that let spectators sit up on the large roofed stage, it wasn't too miserable.

Here is my son going for his weigh in.  He entered in the 6200 and 6600 pound farm class.  For those not familiar with pulls,  the tractors have weights hanging from the front, sides, and back to make their pound total.   The competitors shift them to different weight brackets on the tractor to get better traction on the track. 

Here is his first pull with the Minni U.   I was so happy to see it out and pulling.  There has been many a night and weekend spent getting this tractor ready for this moment, and so many great friends made along the way.  :) 

Captured in mid pull... He has to lean on the throttle while going down the track.   What can I say?  The kid lives for this moment.  ;)

The moment of truth... when that green flag is about to go red as the tractor digs into the clay.  With the Minni Z, the front wheels usually rise a little to give a sign that the show is about over, but this heavy girl stayed stuck to the ground.

And the finish...   I was thrilled for my hubby and for my son.  He placed third out of 8 tractors in his class.  Very respectable for his first pull.  In the 6600 class, he finished second. Yay!  My hubby was already making mental notes of where the weights have to be placed for the pull that takes place this coming weekend.   Thank the heavens that pull is suppose to be held at night.  No burning hot sun!  :)

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