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Thursday, June 25, 2015

An Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel

May was such a crazy month at work for me... So much to do!  I really do not mind being busy, since it makes the hours speed by, but there are certain months that are just insanely busy...  May is one of them.    As a reward for my perseverance, my "I so want to have Someday" wish list came out, and I picked a dream item to splurge on.  
Sensing that I was up to something, Mr. Hollow waited for the lightening to strike.  When the box arrived, all he said was, "Please don't tell me that you bought a spinning wheel."  "Okay," I said.  "But I did. :)"  He shook his head as if in disgust and walked away.   Of course, I knew secretly he was intrigued...  I think... ;)

The box, with New Zealand markings, sat in our living room for a few days, since I was still pretty tired at night.  Then, it was time for assembling.  Just me, a disassembled spinning wheel and a numbered instruction list with parts that I have NEVER heard of before.  Needless to say, it was not a pretty beginning.  Mr. Hollow walked by a few times... spying on my lack of progress.  Two more passes later,  he couldn't stand  it a minute longer and grabbed the straight blade screwdriver out of my hand and took over the build.  After some bickering, assembling, more bickering and an inspection of any parts that I had worked on by myself, the Ashford Traditional spinning wheel was finally together.  Mr. Hollow insisted, even after my objections, on using the lime green poly cord included with the wheel.  I still think, the combination of fire and the challenge of melding two plastic ends successfully had something to do with his insistence. ;)

It was late, and I was beat when we finally completed the assembling.  Mr. Hollow spun the wheels a few times to check the mechanics, while I brushed my teeth and headed for restful slumber.  Not very exciting sorry to admit... But the morning welcomed a new day  and within it a beautiful spinning wheel.  *sigh*   I could not have be more pleased. :)   

Forever the optimist and a firm believer in building my wings on the way down,  I watched a few videos on YouTube pertaining to the Ashford Traditional spinning wheel.  I then sat down in front of this beautiful wheel, confident in my ability of having great hand/eye coordination ( Unfortunately, forgetting the fact that I also need  to coordinate my foot as well :( ), and made my first attempt spinning roving from Farmerboy's ram James.

And you know what I found out?  I am sooo not a natural at this!  In fact, I am not very good at all. LOL

Honestly, learning most new things in the realm of art has generally came easy to me.  Narcissistic?... maybe...  but true.  But this piece of Americana, whose predecessors are older than time, has quite easily taken me down in the first round.  This simple machine will definitely be my lesson in perseverance and  patience, and I am currently enjoying every single minute of it!  :)

 I will end this post with my first feeble attempt at spinning James' Shetland wool.  Also, a simple proclamation that if heaven allows and the creeks around here do not rise and wash us out from all of these torrential rains, there will be a two ply ball on display in my studio representing my intro to spinning fibers.  :)