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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gayes Mills Applefest & Pumpkin Hollow's 1st Birthday!

Pumpkin Hollow Primitive blog turns 1 today!!  Can it truly be already??  Gee Whiz...  This is fixing to be a big week.  This post is number 93 (closing fast on 100!), and Farmerboy (aka my son) will be turning 21 years old on the 6th.  Definitely some big happenings around here!  Kind of funny how everything centers in on my favorite month of the year. :)   Even the weather is cooperating with temps in the mid 70's.  Talk about Karma... ;)   

For my year marker, I cannot think of a better post than the trip we just took to Gayes Mills, WI for their Applefest.  They have a huge flea market, a parade, and best of all... the apple orchards are all open to visit!!  This is my favorite trip of the year.  I just LOVE visiting Sunrise Orchard.  Here is a pic of my McIntosh apples.  I picked up two bags to make a bushel.  They consider them seconds, but they look way better than the ones I get at the store, and they only cost $18.00 for the bushel! 

Two gallons of apple cider found their way into our vehicle, along with 2 dozen cider donuts that were freshly made.  Yum!!  Lucky for us, there was a bag of caramels in the freezer at home, so I cut up some fresh apple slices to pour the hot melted caramels over.  Double Yum!!

I almost forgot to add my finds from the flea market!  My mind gets distracted by "good eats"! ;)  One of the vendors had some cool Shiney Brite ornaments, and I am a Shiney Brite junkie.  ( Before I end this post, I'll have to check my memory card on my camera for a photo of my collection to add to this post.)  As you can see, there were two boxes of the smaller specialty shaped ornaments and two boxes of the mini ornaments.  My hubby was relieved to see that I was being picky! LOL 

She had larger ornaments that were priced individually, and they were definitely priced to sell, but I have to be careful on how many duplicates that I have.  My boxes of ornaments are stored in my front room in a over sized cabinet that Farmerboy made, and if he ever decides to reclaim that piece of furniture, I am going to be in big trouble! LOL  I like to keep the ornaments where the temps will not fluctuate dramatically, causing condensation.

I was surprised to find this one in the box that I purchased.  When haggling over the price for the lot of boxes, I thought that this was a round ornament.  How is this for a nice surprise??  This is a first for my collection.  Yay!

Okay, I found this photo on my memory card of last Christmas.  I was getting ready to decorate my main tree and had downsized my ornaments quite a bit from the year before.  So, my hubby cannot say that I  am not trying to curb my collection !  (I am so addicted to these vintage ornaments!!)  Maybe this is a form of hoarding, but  I swear that the majority of them do end up on trees in my house.   I can't help but look at them and think of all the wonderful Christmases that they have seen.  And since we are in October and the topic should be Halloween, I will not get into my appreciation of the craftsmanship and intricate designs on these wonderful glass creations.  I will save that for a chilly month! ;)  

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