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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thrifty Finds ~ Town Garage Sales

I just LOVE town garage sales.  It is like a written guarantee that you will just have to find something!  So... I loaded up the Jeep:  travel mug with green tea, few snacks, medicine kit, light jacket (morning was cool), and ...oh yah, my son.  He decided to tag along. ;)   Yep, loaded up everything except for the map...  Rats!   Thanks heavens that I have been through this town's sales a few times, so no house was left unchecked.   It was threatening rain early, but it missed us and was a beautiful day.

Normally, I do not grab many baskets but fell for the rustic look to this one.  The bag of DMC floss was calling to me for 25 cents.  I never pass up a quilting book to read, and the soft baby fleece print was a steal for 2 yards @  $1.00.  There was more fabric available, but with an ever growing stash, I have to focus!  Do you think my hubby will believe me.  ;) LOL

I guess we know the answer to that one!  This was a one stop shop.  The lady was very nice.  I believe she teaches at the local school.  She tried to work it out so that it was close to $1.00 a yard and was nice enough to bag by holiday or color.  She marked the bundles in the middle really low, since she had turned the fabric into napkins.  They are extremely large napkins and look like they were never used.  Lots of fabric and assorted patterns for $1.00 a  bag.  Score!

My sister in law called me last Christmas looking for fiber fill.  I was out.  Shocking, I know!   But in my defense, I made a big paw print pillow for make cat, or I mean Santa did... LOL  I did have some rolls of batting, but other than that, I was tapped.  She couldn't believe it, but I told her that I stock up at garage sales and would replenish my stock then.  Here is my start.  Two bags for 50 cents.  How can you beat that??

Aren't these hand quilted table mats pretty?  *sigh*  I feel the need to ramble on about all the work that went into making these, but I will refrain.  The kind lady said that she just had too many in her house.  She said that it is terrible when you cannot even remember who made them.  Well, I was happy to help her out by taking them off her hands. :)

Now for the odd and unusual find... Black Rhea and small ostrich eggs.   It was a young man, not much older than my son, that sold these.   How could he know that I have been looking at these on the Internet to purchase?  ;)   He saved me some serious cash.  What a great way to find supplies and get a little exercise too!

My son didn't purchase a whole lot, but we had a fun day together and that was priceless.  I sprang for lunch at the local grocery store, and we ran into hubby on our way home.  He immediately looked into the back seat and wondered why I hadn't bought more.  Grrrr!  He's lucky that I didn't run back to the lady with all the fabric before she closed for the day! LOL 


Dawn said...

What a fun day! I agree with the priceless time together 'in the hunt'

Brenda said...

Hi Dawn! These moments to share are getting fewer and fewer with our colliding schedules. I am so glad he was able to go with me. :)

Becky @ The Crow's Nest said...

Wow, Dawn! You got some great deals!

Brenda said...

Thanks Becky... I have to get my posts up for last weekends town garage sales. I am running behind! Having too much fun finding deals!! :)

Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

Aren't garage sales great? You sure scored some awesome deals.

Brenda said...

I do love the hunt! Every garage is a new place to explore. ;)