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Friday, January 20, 2012

Fabric Cover for My Canon Printer

My studio area shares space with the laundry room in our home.  So, I am always careful to keep my Canon printer covered to keep the dryer dust at bay.    This has been going on for a few years now.  The plastic cover is the original plastic bag that arrived with the printer.  It is way oversized and has to be tucked under and around the printer.  And since it already looks tidy and unkempt, it has become a 'catch all' for mail, scribbled notes, or those items that were easier to set around the corner of the doorway - but not put away! ;)  As I was cleaning the mounds of small items off of the poor printer last weekend (You can imagine how many small items can be stacked on this baby!),  I decided that I was sick of looking at this...

In the front room of our house was a heap of fabric to be sorted from my stash,  I found a large piece from Phillip de Leon of Alexander Henry Fabrics entitled "Conversation".  How appropriate... This machine and I have had many a conversation, although some (while learning the ropes) were not for young ears! ;)  Without having a clue to what I was doing, I decided to take a 'throw caution to the wind' approach to this project.  A sketched template was made for the top... measurements taken of the sides...  and I proceeded to dive in without thinking.  What did I have to lose?

Here are the results of my labor.  I was honestly surprised at how well it turned out.  Had there been serious thought given to sewing protocol or technique, it probably would have came out worse! LOL 

I will not embarrass myself by telling you of my 'eyeing' the positioning of the seams... LOL  Not to brag... well not too much, but I even made curves around the front and back that were smooth!  And the moment that I realized the sides were too long, I ran back to the machine and put a hemmed bottom around the whole thing!  How crazy is that? ;)  Great credit is giving to my SBS quilting challenge for making me confident enough with my machine to take on this challenge.  So a shout of thanks to Leila from me and my printer!


Patty Sumner said...

How very creative. I found you through Prim Sue's. I am glad I dod. I love the gord and old springs in the previous post too. I am your newest follower. I hope you will stop by and vist and follow along with me.

Brenda said...

You have a wonderful blog Patty... I look forward to following along. :)

Never So Simple said...

You did a great job!


Brenda said...

Thank you so much Donna! :)