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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flea Market Treasures ~ Thrifty Finds

Not much of a haul at the flea market.  I think it was partially due to having town garage saled the day before! ;)  The weather was cool, damp, and threatening rain.  With conditions like that, I have a tendency to walk at a speedier pace.  But even in the worst of weather, I was still able to find some items to pack into the Jeep.  :)

I found a tub of some old cotton floss and 3 yards of the most beautiful variegated gold  fabric with leaf imprints.  I paid $2.00 for the floss and only 50 cents for the fabric.  :)

The ladies that I purchased the fabric from had bought several totes from an auction.  Most of the inventory was cross stitch and quilting.  They had sold most of the fabric, but there was a tub of DMC floss sitting at the table.  They were asking 25 cents a piece.  The woman's daughter was anxious to be rid of the sewing inventory, so I asked how much it would be for the tub and brought the pile home for $4.00.   DMC floss is getting pricey in the store, and I was thrilled to get over 75 skeins.  I am not picky about the age of the floss, since a lot of the my kits are vintage.   

I want to do my first quilt by hand, so this quilting hoop will come in handy.  It was new and unopened.  The asking price was $15.00, and the lady took $10.  I was excited to get it but wished that we didn't have the long walk back to the Jeep!

I didn't get a chance to take a photo of my last purchase.  Two vintage army wool blankets.  One was very heavy and gold in color, and the other was green.  My mind was not set on purchasing them until the seller shouted over that they were $5.00 a piece.  Yay!   For that price, they could be used for batting, foundation pieces, or backing on a future wool project.  The bag that they were in was heavy, and of course, we were at the farthest point in the flea market from the entrance.   Who says that you can't have fun and get great exercise at the same time? ;)  


A Primitive Homestead said...

You got some really good treasures. I found floss at a church sale once. A quarter each. Those blankets will be great for quilt batting. I priced them at a army surplus store once. $20.00 each. They stayed there. Blessings!

Brenda said...

Hello Lara... That makes me feel even better about the blankets. The lady seemed really anxious to make some sales. The weather wasn't kind to the outside vendors, and I am sure she at least wanted to make booth rent. I was so surprised at how heavy they were! Thanks for dropping by! :)