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Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Remembrance on Memorial Day

Every four years, our high school takes a trip to Washington DC.  When my son's turn came to go, it was his Senior year.  They had a name drawing from each class to select four students to place the wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.  My son had the honor of being the Senior class student selected.  My husband and I were and still are very proud.

This is one of the fine soldiers that guard the tomb.  The black area is where he passes back and forth... such an amazing sight to see. 

Here are the four students that represent each class of our high school.  My son is easy to spot, since he was the only boy selected.  He made special arrangements with his band teacher to bring a suit to wear for the occasion.  The kids were told that a nice shirt and slacks would be fine, but my son was determined to dress formal.  Due to the tight schedule for the trip, he changed on the bus minutes before the presentation.

Placing the wreath is such a huge honor... words cannot describe .  The Senior and Junior representatives placed the wreath on the hanger. 

This seems like such a solemn and peaceful photo, but it speaks volumes about the lives that have been given throughout the years for our country.  Those that came home, and those that never will... 

On this day of Remembrance, Memorial Day, God Bless all those service men and women who have served, are serving, and will serve this wonderful country of ours...


rubyslipperz said...

I very much appreciate the pictures that you posted...even if I'm seeing them after Memorial Day...it's nice to reflect on these ideas more than just one day of the year. =)


Brenda said...

Thanks Annie for stopping by. :) I never tire of looking at these photos. Some places and events are beyond words, and photos say it all.

You have a wonderful blog. Your post on "Hugs" made me tear up. I look forward to reading more of your adventures! :)