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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Adding to the Flock ~ Chic Pincushion

The places you can visit in blogland seem endless.  There are some extremely talented and wonderful people sharing of their thoughts, talents, and adventures.  If you watch my sidebar, a good way to meet fellow bloggers is during a blog party.  Yes... there are giveaways during these parties, but the best part is all of the talented individuals that you get to meet from around the world.  One such party was given by Sew, Mama, Sew .  They host their party twice a year (next one is in December). 

It was during their week of fun that I added immensely to my blog roll and met the fun ladies over at Chic-n-Stix.  They make some cool and sassy chicken pincushions.  These hens come with their own personal name and Chic-n-Stix label.  I immediately fell for the retro colors, sassy attitude, and crazy feathers on top of their heads.  I know, I know... most of my loves involve primitive items with subdued colors, but there is this wild side to me that can flip over these fab colors of the past.  Maybe I should blame it on my childhood of the 70's or my love of vintage fabrics.  More than likely, it can be traced back to that wondrous day when a little group of crazy critters were introduced to TV land  by one of my all-time favorite artist's Jim Henson. The critters that he created were called Fraggles, and they were the imaginery inhabitants of the series Fraggle Rock.  Their swishy hair, bold colors, and adorable personalities have stuck with me to this day, but more on those little guy's in my birthday post that will be coming up next month... Back to the Chics!

After entering for their Chic giveaway, I could not wait and clicked into their Etsy shop to pick out my own personal Chic.  It arrived quickly and here is the box when I opened it.  They were sweet enough to enclose some business pens that just happened to match the colors of my Chic.  How fun is that?!   LOL  

I dug through the crinkled shredded paper, and there in all of her glory was my super cool Chic, Dana Disco!  She came with her own card name tag with the date of when she "flew the coop" .   Look at those wild "Henson-esque"  feathers that she is sporting!  She is one funky Chic!! LOL

Her body is full of rice, so she is a nice weight.  I am really reluctant to stick her with that first pin; but after all, she was bought to be my sewing room pal.  I have a strong feeling that we are going to have some really wild times ahead of us!   ;)

I couldn't end this post without giving a big thanks to Jennifer over at Taken Patiently for the wonderful yarn that I won!  The generousity of the blogging community is amazing.  I look forward to have a chance at participating in the next giveaway.  Just keep your eye to my sidebar for links to parties in our blogging community! :)


Lelia said...

Oh how cute! I have a blue one ; )

Brenda said...

Their colors are all so fantastic! It took me a little bit of looking and reading of names to pick out mine. :)