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Friday, June 24, 2011

#1 Log Cabin Quilt Block ~ SBS

Time to start the Skill Builder Sampler by Leila over at Sewn by Leila.   (Click the picture on the side bar if you would like to participate.)  My tools for quilting are minimal, so I hopped over to Jo Ann Fabrics online to purchase some much needed supplies.  Luckily, most of the items that I needed were on sale.  I have been wanting a larger 24 x 36 inch rotary mat but didn't want to spend that much money.  As I clicked on Jo Ann's homepage, there was a little box that gave a code for 50% off my highest regular priced item.  Yay!  Now, I finally have a decent sized mat... :)  I also added to my rulers, got a rotary blade sharpener, and a gripper for holding my large rulers.  Now if I had only remembered the sewing machine oil... Hmmmm, guess I'll have to make out another list. LOL   Hey, they sent me a coupon code for free shipping on my next order of $35.00 or more.  ;) 

I picked out some fabrics from my over flowing stash.  These are the main colors that I would like to work from.  Some of the block designs will probably need a few additional colors that I will pull out when they are needed.

Hard to believe how time flies when you are trying to lay out a quilt block.  Thank heavens for the digital age.  Each configuration had its own picture.  (I find it easier to judge the blocks up on a screen.)  My front runner was color coordinated with repeating fabrics.  But at the last minute, I changed my mind and created a  random configuration; although, I did try to keep the darks separate from the lights.


What was the reason behind my method of madness?  I decided to let go of my nit picky ways on this block and just let it happen.  My personal tribute to the days when you had to make due with the limited fabrics on hand and just create.  I can be such a perfectionist when it comes to my drawing (and I could see it beginning with my previous block formations), so I made a conscious decision to make myself let go of the reigns.  I won't promise that it will ever happen again, but it was definitely a new experience for me.  The fun thing is that I will always think of that when I look at this block.  How cool it that ?  :)

Oh... and see the little block.  Well, that is what happens when I use a cheap ruler to mark my 1/4 inch seam allowances.  By the 5th and 6th block, I was losing ground rapidly, and the fabric was not lining up.  So I decided to stop where I was at, remeasure, correct the mistake, and start all over.   It was definitely worth it.  I felt like I had won an award after completing this block.  

Best of all my block came in at 12 1/2 inches square!!  Can you believe it???  I feel an incredible amount of pride and have learned so much about myself and quilting with this block.   It makes me happy to be learning a new form of art.  Onward to block #2... the Nine Patch.


Cheryl said...

Good luck with this new art form...my favorite...although I only wish I could sketch like you!

Brenda said...

Thank you so much Cheryl... I love all of your blogs. Such beautiful photography and intricate quilts! I have a lot of "catch up" reading to do. :)

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Hi Brenda, New at your fun blog! Have fun with your new tools. Love your log cabin block one of my favorites too!

I have a new computer and learning new techie stuff! :(----- I would rather be playing in my sewing room or in our veggie and flower garden!!! That would make me smile :) LOL!

Hope you are having wonderful weekend, and Happy 4th of July!

I am new at your blog and will visit you again, soon.


Brenda said...

Hi Carolyn... So glad that you found my blog. It is always nice to make a new friend! :) I am having fun with this challenge. Quilting can be just as addicting as collecting fabric! But at least it is a healthy addiction...LOL

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, too!