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Monday, June 13, 2011

A Surrogate Chicken??

Do you remember the post on vintage nesting boxes, where I showed our hen sitting in a determined fashion on a clutch of eggs?   Well, she was sitting on three eggs at the time.  It was the perfect number, since we do NOT want to add too many possible hens to the flock.  I feel bad saying that she was a bad sitter, because she sat faithfully on those eggs throughout the incubating period.  But alas... no chicks. :(  Our rooster, who is a very handsome bird, is adamant on ending his families lineage with himself.  He is the sweetest guy, and we would love to see him reproduce, but he has made his decision.  My heart went out to the poor determined hen.  So after candling her eggs, my son took matters into his own hands.  Our other breed of chickens were laying eggs, too.  Their eggs were white as opposed to this girl's brown.  So what would happen if he was to slip a few of those eggs under the expecting mother?  Would she do a marathon sit to hatch out these?  I am happy to say that remarkable bird sat through some pretty hot weather to bring this wonderful little threesome to life.   Aren't they cute?!  :)   

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