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Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Sewing Rooms

Over at Sewn by Leila, she asked us to share our sewing rooms on her site.  So... here I go.  I have two areas that work as sewing rooms.  The first is located in my bedroom.  This is where I work on my wools.  It is a make shift area that will be getting an over haul this year.  The buffet/cutting table will be leaving my house, and my son will be building me some rustic shelves to go with my crates.  Then, I can finally start unpacking some of my tubs of upcycled wool fabric.  Ahhh... It inspires my creativity just thinking about it!  ;)    

My quilting area is located in my front room.  Normally when not in use, two-thirds of the table is decorated for the seasons.  The end of the table with the sewing machine and notions are left out, since I can sew during the day on precut blocks.  As you can see under the table, Mr. Hollow and Farmerboy are busy leaving me their jean mending projects. ;)  The block in the corner of the table is my first "Sister's Choice" block that is completely finished.  I will be sharing those with you in a week or so.  :)

For those friends that are new to my blog, this is one of the pie safes that my son made me of vintage barn board for my fabric.  (If you would like to see my larger one click here.)  The picnic baskets (that can be seen here) are sprinkled throughout my front room and are used to hide some of my stash! ;)  

Although my plan is to have a studio apart from my home to house my sewing rooms and drawing room, these little areas are working fine for right now.  Well, time to get back to creating! ;) 

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