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Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Farewell to 2012 ~ A Welcome to 2013

Last year seemed to fly by.  Without actually realizing it, some great changes were happening to me.  I know what your thinking... Okay Brenda, how could you not realize it?   Well, with the new job having kicked off at the end of April, my best guess is that I was too caught up in the now of learning new tasks.   I was truly a "fish-out-of-water" going from a job based in art to a job based in computers and  finance.  Yikes!  But,  I was fortunate enough to be blessed with a knowledgeable mentor, making a world of difference to the new beginning.  My new job marked the first positive change in my life for 2012, it put all my money making responsibilities into ONE scheduled time frame.  Months after being hired, I felt a burden being lifted from my shoulders... Then came the ripple effect...

As I became more comfortable in my position and extra hours took money woes away from me, I found myself turning away from hobbies and interests.  Was this some kind of burn out?  No, it is my belief that I was on the precipice of a great change in my life...

The Great Epiphany... ;)  I think part of what makes an Epiphany so great is that they arrive to you at the darnedest times and are so mine blowing in their simplicity.  You know, that "Wow... I could have had a V8 moment".  One warm summer day while mowing, my mind was mulling over the various craft projects in my head, when suddenly I thought, "Why am I sticking with projects that I am so utterly tired of?  (To be brutally honest, the necessity for deriving an income from them has now been removed from the equation.)  So, why am I putting myself through completing tasks that I feel are becoming a burden or heaven forbid a bad job?" (Hmmm... interesting thoughts that spanned over that half of an hour.)  Then came the new realization... The epiphany that I had been waiting for... " I no longer need to stick with popular crafts or side jobs for monetary survival... I am free to explore any idea that enters my head, to create any craft, to delve into the great realm of learning without being pulled out by other responsibilities that cut drastically into my free time.  And even better yet, I do not have to feel guilty about following my true dreams."   And let me tell you, I have notebooks filled with ideas from over the years of various topics that I would love to dive deeper into. This brings me to the second positive change in 2012...

The Guide...  Not long after my epiphany, Etsy ran an interesting story on multi tasking personalities.  The term Multipotentialites was the name for persons that in essence are drawn to study a wide range of subjects, wants to explore all their interests at once, are multi-tasking in nature, and feel the pressure of time to master all the subjects that they love.  It described me and my "running in all directions" life!   The article couldn't have come at a better time to help me manage my after work hours and led me to the coiner of the personality's name,  Emily at Puttylike.  It was there that I learned that I did not have some crazy form of ADD, just a different way of viewing the world.  I learned a lot about myself on that site and was directed towards the books of Barbara Sher, who is one of the leading authorities on this personality type.  Her books "Wishcraft", "Refuse to Choose", and "I Could Do Anything, If Only I Knew What It Was" opened my eyes to a more organized way of living with my personality.  Which, I am sure was a relief to Mr. Hollow and FarmerBoy, too. ;) 

The Work in Progress...  The end of the year was devoted to organizing my mind and house, discovering my true interests (no matter how many there may be), and finding the surprisingly few overarching passions that link them together to fit them into my life.  Although I am not done completely with these tasks, the end of 2012 saw my life heading in the right direction.  My excitement for the New Year was something that I hadn't felt so strongly about in a long time.

As the ground breaking part of my journey continues, my creativity is renewed and my sense of exploration is stronger than ever.  The Hollow will see some new crafts, recipes, organizing tips, along with new finds, and adventures.  I am so happy with the twists and turns of 2012 and look forward with excitement to sharing with my friends at The Hollow in 2013!

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