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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Primitive Black Cat & Witch Halloween Softball Bowl Fillers

This week, I have been working on some primitive Halloween softball bowl fillers.  Remember when I said that Americana themed ones were going to be next! LOL  The softballs for those got painted and mid sketching... Well, my mind started dreaming of witches and cats. ;)   I just love Halloween colors and folklore! *sigh*

This one is called "Witch's Flight".  I decided to give the moon a harvest glow, instead of the traditional blue to white finish.   The yellow/white glow makes the witch pop out crisp and clean... Silhouettes are one of my favorite things to create.  The black cat was inspired by the vintage mache cats of years gone by.  They were and are so creepy and cool... very Cheshire in appearance.  Although one does not reside in my house yet, I love viewing them on Ebay.

Next, a more homespun look was used to create "Spooky Cat".  The black cat (adapted from an old pattern that I used to paint years ago... Sorry, I cannot remember the artists name at the moment!)  has such a prim look to him...  Just like he jumped out of the sewing scrap bag!  The other side is adorned by a favorite fall treat, candy corn... Truth be told the mallow pumpkins are my favorite! ;)   

These two pieces will be taken downstairs to be sanded and roughened up.  Then, they will head to the spray booth.  I already have plans to make a set with matching spindle posts for a solitary display.  The Americana ones are just going to have to wait in the wings for a few weeks.  Halloween and Christmas items just keep popping into my head.

And just when you thought that I turned my back on my little gourds, the other work in progress on my table is a snowman gourd "make do".  I have never attempted one of these and am having a blast with this one.  It started out with plans of being a pumpkin, but the face shape called out to be a snowman.  I  am so excited to get him finished and put him up to share! :)


Anonymous said...

These are so cool! What a great idea...very clever!

Brenda said...

Thank you so much... Your primitives are wonderful, too! :)