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Monday, April 9, 2012

Homemade Cadbury Cream Eggs Recipe

Here is a little recipe that can give you that taste of Easter all year long!  :)  It is a homemade version of the Cadbury Cream Egg.  I spotted this recipe online and had to give it a whirl.  They received great reviews on their debut Easter Sunday.  So with the family taste test out of the way ;), I am putting this gem up to share with friends.  In order to give credit to the blog where I located this recipe,  you can get the original list of ingredients by clicking on the name of Susan's blog, "The Royal Cook" .  Below is how I made my eggs with a few minor changes... 

The photo below is the filling consisting of the softened butter, corn syrup, salt, and powdered sugar.   (I forgot the salt, and it still tasted great.  I will add it the next time.  Well... Maybe... If I remember! ;) )   An electric beater was used to mix in the first two cups of powdered sugarThen, I switched to mixing by hand for the next two cups. (I've burned out a mixer before combining thick fillings... OOPS!)   The white mixture gets very thick and pliable like a taffy.  After completing the filling, a little over a quarter of the white mixture was transferred to another bowl where 4 drops of yellow food coloring were added and  mixed to an even yellow.  

A rounded aluminum teaspoon was used to scoop out the white filling.  It was dropped onto a nonstick cookie sheet.  Another spoon works great to push it out of the scoop, since warm fingers will make the mixture more sticky. :)  The cookie sheet with the white filling was popped into the freezer.  The yellow mixture (non scooped) was placed into the refrigerator.  They were in there respective places for 5 to 10 minutes for easier handling.     
I skipped a picture due to messy hands! ;)  The white and yellow filling was pulled from the fridge.  The white was flattened, and a 1/4 teaspoon was scooped from the yellow bowl and placed in the middle.  It looked like a little fried egg!  The white was then closed around the "yolk" and placed back on the tray.  I completed six wraps, placed the entire cookie sheet into the freezer to firm, then completed six more, and repeated until finished.  After all the wraps were made, I let them sit in the freezer on last time before dipping. 

An  11.5 ounce bag of Nestle's Milk Chocolate Chips were used for the outer coating.  My microwave and I are not always simpatico with concerning chocolate ;), so I decided to create a double boiler by taking a little sauce pan and holding it afloat in a larger pan of boiling water.  The milk chocolate chips melted fast!  To make the chocolate smooth, I added only a 1/2 a Tablespoon of the Crisco. 

Nothing left to do but dip the eggs! :)   I removed the eggs from the freezer, set them (one at a time) into the milk chocolate with a fork, scooped chocolate over them until thoroughly coated, and lifted them out and onto their cookie sheet.  Voila!

Here is the finished product!  My hubby had two gone right away and said they were even better at room temperature.  And you know what??  It only cost me roughly $3.00 and an hour of time to make 22 eggs.  (Okay, I could work on shaping them more like eggs next time! ;) )  Cadbury Eggs are 79 cents a piece at our store.  Plus, I still had quite a bit of dipping chocolate left in the pan! :)


For those friend's with little kids, I think this would be a fun Easter project.  My hubby sure is looking forward to having another batch in the house! ;)     

I hope that everyone had a Happy Easter... Welcome Spring! :) 

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