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Friday, April 6, 2012

My Son's New Humane Society Pet

Most people go to the animal shelter and find themselves torn between the high spirited dogs and fuzzy felines that longingly look through their cages... Each face telling its own story.  Our little terror Mew was an abandoned kitten.  We love her with all of our hearts.  (I would like to personally say, "Bless you!" to all of the wonderful individuals that work to find these pets a home.  They are true angels on earth.) 

Although I have no need to go to the Humane Society, my son and his friends like to visit the animals.   After one such trip, a discussion took place of a poor wayward animal that my son wanted to give a home to.   Leave it to my kid to find the right size animal to beg to save the life of! LOL  So after a few days of heated debate, we welcomed the newest 'living' addition to the Pumpkin Hollow family...

Snoopy the Rat 

Snoopy was discovered on a local ladies window sill eating seeds.  She came to the shelter and asked for a trap.  A half of an hour later, she returned to the shelter and said that the tame rat walked right into the carrier.  He eventually made his way into a cage across from the larger animals at the Humane Society store in the mall with a price tag of $5.00.  After being guilted over the potential of him becoming snake food,  I gave in and my son brought him to our home.

He is high spirited but loves to be scratched on the side of his muzzle.  I am always the one who is blamed for spoiling the pets, and this little guy is now one of the group and no exception.  I bribe him with my favorite snack... Cheetos.  He goes crazy for them!  We limit him to one a day; since not long after taking the initial photos, he has over doubled in size. ;(   Unfortunately or fortunately for Snoopy, my son is now on the hunt for some exercise equipment for him!



A Primitive Homestead said...

Never heard of a shelter taking a rat. Looks like Snoopy is happy in his new home. So he is high spirited. Has he been drinking the Monster engery drinks? LOL Blessings!

Brenda said...

Hello Lara... I have never heard of them taking in a rat either! The lady was worried that my son was buying him for snake food... Ugh! I cannot imagine how he would be if he did drink Monster! LOL

Warm Wishes! :)