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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Working on Stamped Cross Stitch Baby Quilt Kits

The big discussion at work this week was about stamped cross stitch quilt kits.  Shocking as it may be to hear, I decided to get rid of some of my excess kits. LOL  I had some doubles that I parted with.  Really, what are the odds my son will have twins, if in fact he has any offspring?  And I am a big believer in individuality, so I wouldn't want to gift identical quilts anyways.  Right?   At least that is what I convinced myself of in order to make myself part with a few kits! ;)    

Of course if these are all suppose to be for the grandchildren, he'd better get busy! LOL  There are only a few that I have purchased retail.  Most were found by my parents or myself at garage sales.  There are some real treasures in these crates.  I located a Berenstain Bear quilt for $9.00,  a Disney kit that is older than me, Hummels, Peter Rabbit, a few ABC quilts from the early 70's, and etc. etc..  Old or new, I love them all!  And even today, I am still on the hunt for more.  So many kits...so little time!  :)

Let me just say that there is nothing like the sound of floss running through taught fabric in a hoop.  That swoosh is forever embedded in my mind.  I can remember that sound from when my Mother used to embroider and still find it calming as I work on projects today.  And when I complete an item... Well, it is the best feeling of accomplishment. 

This is the one that started the mania.  I found it at a garage sale in a neighboring town new in the package for $5.  It was love at first site... the deal of the day!  It has the honor of being the first found, and the first quilt completed.  Of course, this one still needs a binding and a backing, but I haven't decided yet what colors to pull from it.  No hurry.. at least there better not be! ;) 

Project #2 courtesy of my Mom and Dad.  This one was  already started.  I had to pull the stitches out of one partially completed dinosaur.  (The previous owner's stitches were a lot more taught than mine.)  I wasn't sure if I would like the rainbow theme of colors, hearts, and dinosaurs, but it really does translate well.  It came bordered in yellow, but that might get changed or at least widened when a backing goes on.

Believe it or not, I misplaced the quilt that I was working on, so I started this one yesterday.  Isn't Winnie the Pooh just one of the cutest bears that you've ever seen?  I use to sing "I'm just a little black rain cloud" song to my son, when he was little. That poor tortured little kid! LOL  The Disney characters do not have many floss changes.  So if by chance someone is looking for a good beginner quilt, any one of the big character quilts from Disney would be wonderful to begin with.

This one was started by a previous owner on the bottom but abandoned.   Many quilts are sold this way.  I do not mind this in the least.  There are a few in my collection that have the boarders all ready done.  Hey, less work for me! :)

I went on a hunt tonight.  Turned the house upside down and found the quilt that I should be working on.  (Isn't that always the way it goes?)  Here is the picture on the cover.  Can you make out the garage sale tag?  Five dollars.  If you look real close,  you can see my hand writing of $2.00.  That is what my parents offered and bought it at.  Can you believe it?  Yep, the original pickers that taught me everything that I know.  *sigh* ;)

Here is why I showed you the cover art to this quilt.  I have changed the floss colors to the outfits and blocks.  Is it just me or does it get boring sometimes looking at soft pastels?   So, I decided to change the colors and made them a little more vibrant.  This is where my extra floss in the bins have come in handy. (Photos of bins can be seen in Thrifty Finds posts.)  I just have to pick colors now for my butterflies and border.  I think that I will alternate working on the two quilts.  It will make for a nice change of pace.

My hubby always jokes that I have too many projects going on.  Although I do not watch a whole lot of TV, it is nice to have something to work on at the same time.  So, my quilts are my TV time projects or take alongs when camping or on vacation.  My wool projects are beginning to fight for the same time slot, but I will happily find time for them all!  :)

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