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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Handcrafted Vintage Style Potato / Onion Bin out of Barn Boards

My son has been using up some of his barn boards again.  Here is a potato/onion bin he created using vintage ~ recycled materials.  It turned out really cool.  He made it for my kitchen, but I just do not have the room for it right now. :(  That is the problem with having an old house.  It was not designed for having so many cabinets and modern appliances.  My garbage can holder (posted earlier under Kitchen) is in my only open space.  Although, I have kicked around putting that in another room but would really rather not...  Anyways, I took it into the shop that I work at.  It looks nice with the other vintage pieces around it.  I love the old paint on this piece (white, lt green, and red), and he even used some old square nails that he had scavenged to put it together!  Aaaagh!  The only new pieces on it are the two hinges that tip the bins, and I mixed some paint and faux sponged them to look rusty. 

Usually, I am really good at reworking areas of my house to make things fit.  I even considered using the piece as a lamp stand in the front room.  Really...who would ever open it up??  Well... I guess they might if I put some beautiful smelling onions in it!!  I feel defeat surrounding this piece, there is just no solution to this dilemma, so my poor potatoes have to stay sitting in an old crock next to my fridge.  (Yes, I am feeling sorry for myself now! Pathetic isn't it?) ;) 

At least, I get to look at it on the days that I work.  Maybe if we ever get the chance to build that dream house, the bin will have a space...  How long do you suppose it will take for me to crack and bring it home?  Hmmm, maybe I can rearrange my little studio area off the kitchen.  You know that might work! :)    


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Oh, I simply love the Bin, great idea with the old wood! Great job by your son!

Christine said...

How prim - lovely is that? Your son is a talented woodworker - you are blessed to have him!
Yes, maybe rearrange!!
Best wishes

Brenda said...

Thanks Teresa and Christine. He has made all of my barn board furniture and has been terrific at altering old crates for storage in my little studio. Plus... he is just one great guy... I really have been blessed! :)