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Friday, February 4, 2011

Thrifty Friday Find ~ Wool Jackets for Upcycling

This find links back to last weeks shopping trip.  I have a few projects in the works that require some wool fabric.  For those readers that haven't tried upcycling their own fabric, a thrift shop can be a cheap way to fill that order.  The jacket aisle is a wealth of fabric.  I usually wait until they go on discount.  Part of that reason is due to the guilty feeling that... if there is someone who is less fortunate and in need of an affordable jacket, I am not going to be the person who snatches that item from them.  So I figure,  if the jacket has sat there long enough to be discounted... odds are it is not wanted.   This can be a win-win situation, since some jackets have sprayed on linings and can be a real pain to work with.  There are times when only the back is salvageable.  The cheaper the price - the better I am doing per foot of fabric.  Even if there is not much fabric to salvage, the small pieces of fabric and the buttons can be used for embellishments, and that alone is worth the price of the purchase. :)  Of course, rules are made to be broken.  If there is a jacket that is ripped or stained with plenty of salvageable fabric left over, I will purchase it on the spot if the price is right.

So ...  my Friday has been filled with cutting up my finds.   Then I  put the individual jacket pieces in their own pillowcase (purchased for 25cents a piece at the same thrift store) and closed them with a rubber band.  **helpful note** The cases help to catch most of the lint and fibers that can stay in the machine and end up all over my next load of wash. :(   I then washed the darks and burgundies in the same load.  The lighter jacket was washed by itself to keep it from being altered by the dyes.  After that,  they were taken out of their bags and dried on high heat by color.  (The lint from the dryer must be cleaned out often as it builds up fast.)  The fabric is now so thick, soft, and beautiful.  And remember to keep that dryer lint in a bag , because there is nothing better than wool lint for stuffing those primitive craft projects!  ;)

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