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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Winnie the Pooh and SBS Quilt Blocks, Too!

Can you believe that I walked to the post office today to get the mail?  Yippee!  The weather is beautiful.  We must have been near the 50 degree mark.  I had to check the calendar to make sure that we were still in January. ;)

Here are my latest blocks from the Skill Builder Challenge...

I can now check off  block #20 Circle Appliques (bottom right corner).  It was a block that involved various techniques of hand applique.  The circles weren't as terrible to complete as I thought that they would be.  Although, I did manage to sew the block to my pants a couple of times during the hand turned applique.  Ooops!

Block #22 (in the upper right corner), the Flowering Snowball, started our introduction to curves.  Surprisingly, I really enjoyed fitting the curved pieces together.  Normally, I am not a lover of pinning fabric to death, but it was actually fun.  When time came to press the fabric, the pieces pressed down so smooth... just like magic! ;)

Block #23 was the Drunkard's Path.  I arranged mine to make a circle in the center.  The circle made me a little anxious when piecing the last four blocks, but everything worked out perfectly. :)

Block #24 was a beautiful block called the Curved Nine Patch.  (The picture arrangement cut the green boarders off that are on the left and right sides.)  I see some of the quilting blogs using a curved ruler to make this, but ours was pieced by hand.  A few more templates for this one but well worth the time.  I think it is a lovely block and would gladly do a whole quilt of them.

One more block to go to be caught up with the group.  I need to do a Rose and Tulip applique block for #21.  Why did this one not get finished?  

Because this silly old bear needed to have his darling little body finished! :) 


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love your Winnie the Pooh...how precious! It's warm here in Fl today! I'm loving it! Hugs! ♥

Brenda said...

Thanks Diane... It isn't too bad in Illinois. We have had such a mild winter. I'm sure not as nice as FL! LOL Just a lot of fog here today. :)