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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thrifty Finds ~ Vintage Wool Blankets & Molds

It has been so crazy around here... but in a good way!  We have been running to garage sales, estate sales, and flea markets.  My camera is loaded with photos, and I just haven't had the time to get them up to share.  This week has had some 90 degree record breaking days.  But today, we ended up at a flea market 45 minutes away in 48 degree weather.  Brrrr!  So this week has been: the furnace running, the central air running, and back to the furnace.  But no flooding rivers here, so you will not hear any complaints from me.  My prayers go out to those in the Southern States.

I will begin with this post on the estate sale.  It is being held in a large building across the street from where I work.  How lucky is that!  I found some 100% wool blankets for $5.00 a piece.  Here is one that must have been homemade.  It has blanket satin binding on each end and measures 60" x 170".  It is unusually large and on the thin side, and I thought it would be great to use for batting in a quilt.   

These two wool blankets were made by St. Marys.  I think they measured 80" x 90".  They are super thick.  I have read where quilters have used them in tied quilts.  I love wool and have some projects in the works.  These would make some wonderfully warm throws  in the winter.  I just need to get them covered so that the sensitive ones in my house do not spend the winter itching! ;)

These molds were in two big bags.  (Most of them are stacked with their duplicates in the picture.)   Now I know the bottom photo shows Christmas trees that I believe are for jello, but the other molds are aluminum, thin, have one or more duplicates, and most are made in West Germany and Germany.  The array of animals, frogs, and fish are very small about an inch and a half.  If anyone knows what these are for let me know.  I am guessing that maybe they are for one sided chocolate??

This large bunny has   A "Nutbrown" Product made  in England on it.  It is approximately 4 inches long.

Aren't they just wonderful looking?   Hard to pass  up at $2.00 for the whole lot.  I figured that I could find something to do with them. ;)

This pattern was the West Germany set.  They remind me of sunflowers and are so shiny.  They are larger than the rest and could be for tarts maybe??

I have come across the tree molds before.  Love the little mold of the horse's head!


It is fun to have a sale that is so close to rummage through.  The owner is putting out some more merchandise this week.  I will have to wander back over and do some more hunting for treasures!  ;)

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