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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Making a Gourd into a Snowman Part 2

Did you think that I forgot about this guy?  LOL  It has been a battle trying to find space for my drawing, painting, sewing, and misc. crafts.  Half of my problem is that once I am in the middle of a drawing, I loathe moving my work to the side.  So... after a weekend of rearranging, I think that I have a happy compromise.  :)

My snowman received about three coats of paint on his body, before I decided that it wasn't the color that I wanted.  Aaaaagh!  Normally, I use Duncan paints (got hooked on this line from ceramics).  After I had enough layers of Snowcloud Gray on this guy, I realized they had darkened the formula.  My normally white with a tinge of gray paint was gray with a tinge of white.  I even did a second glance on the label.  Rats!  Out came the Titanium White and here we are 5 coats later.  Live and learn!

I love to draw eyes with different shapes and expressions (Must come from putting in all those eyes for students at the ceramic shop!).  This guy's long face can handle pear shaped eyes endearingly. ;)    His nose received a wonderful muted orange mixture, and his coal smile has made its appearance, also.  I basecoated the mittens and will add some shadow to them later.  It is hard to see, but in the upper right hand of the photo, I have an original sketch that will be painted on his belly.  I'm tossing around applying mix media to this one by incorporating acrylics and watercolors.  In the plastic container, I have swatches from all of my fleece fabric for his hat.   Although, I do have some felted sweaters that would work well for that and maybe a little embroidery to liven it up ... hmmm.... still kicking that around too. :)  All that will have to wait until the belly is finished.  After all, we do not want this guys colors to clash!  LOL

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