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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Making a Gourd into a Snowman Part 1

I really need to get back to painting on some gourds.  So... here is one that is in the early stages of becoming a snowman.  He is a beautiful 15 1/2 inch Georgia gourd.  Our gourds in Northern Illinois seem to never achieve the thickness in the shell like the gourds that I have bought from Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, or even lower Indiana.  I swear you could drop them on a cement floor and they wouldn't break.  Oh wait... I have accidentally tested that theory, and it is true ! ;)   Plus, the nice thing about ordering gourds is that I do not have to plant, water vines, pick gourds, dry them in a rodent free enviroment, soak them in water, and spend hours scrubbing the outer layer of slimey mold off them.  Heaven bless my wonderful suppliers! 

This little guy has his paper clay nose and mittens, along with his first coat of primer.  As you can see, there are some sanding spots.  I wasn't completely happy with the surface and decided to smooth over the blemishes with fine sandpaper.  Now, he is ready to get some paint.  I need to look through my books for a design to paint on his belly.  Once I get his belly painted,  I'll post an update.  Since he does not stand, I think he would look great on one of my large wreaths.  Once he is finished,  I'll make him some little bottle or egg gourd buddies.  ;)

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