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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Minneapolis Moline U Comes Home to Pull with the Minni Z

There is nothing like rusty gold to light up my son's face with a big smile! ;)   This month will forever be remember for his newest purchase a Minneapolis Moline U farm tractor.  No more gas here folks... This tractor runs on propane.  And as you can see by the picture, a little work is needed, but my son and his dad are up for the challenge.  My hubby likes to build racing sleds but has graciously switched to restoring tractors with our son during the summer months! ;) 

A huge amount of thanks goes out to my son's friend.   He made the trip possible by bringing his truck and trailer to haul this antique gem home! 

I know that I have mentioned my son's love of farming (he is currently working on a degree in Ag), but did I ever mention that he participates in antique tractor pulls?  His first pull was with a friend's vintage Farmall H.  After that experience, the tractor pulling bug bit, and he dreamed of owning his own.  My hubby located a Minneapolis Moline Z in a neighboring town, and a few weeks later, my son was parting with his hard earned cash.  A Minni Z Tractor Puller was born! 

Many weekends have been spent watching him pull and compete against other wonderful vintage farm tractors.  I know one day he would love to have both of his tractors completely painted, but as the gentleman that he bought the Z from says, "Paint don't make them run any faster." LOL

Here he is hooking up for a pull last summer.  For those that have never been to a tractor pull, the tractor is hooked up to a weighted sled, and it is pulled down a dirt strip.  The different classes of tractors compete to see who can go the farthest. 

Here he is starting the pull.  Normally he doesn't lift the front of the tractor, but it did make for a cool pic!  ;)

My son has been blessed with the friendship of tractor pullers of all ages.  The knowledge that he has gained from working with his father and our friend at our local small engine shop will stay with him forever.  I couldn't have picked him a better hobby.  Although sometimes I wish they didn't take up so much space.  Grrrrr!  LOL 

For those that haven't been to an antique pull, it makes for a fun afternoon.  The time can be spent viewing all of the wonderful vintage tractors.  Equipment in farming has changed so much over the years.  It is nice to see these tractors being restored to be shared with future generations as a piece of our farming heritage.

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A Primitive Homestead said...

My son Sam loves all tractors. We never miss the fall parade in our town. The tractors are allo grouped by make. Each year another make is the feature tractor. Not sure if Grease & Steam Shows are held all over but it is really big around here. We attend three shows each year. There are flea markets set up to & tractor pulls along with steam engines. My middle son Lucas likes the lawn mower races they hold the last day of the show. My fav is the MM tractor truck. Last fall was the first parade I did not see it. I have been attending 19 years. The parade last an hour or more. It is fun to see all the tractors. I am a country girl all the way through. Good luck to your son. Blessings!