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Friday, April 29, 2011

Planter with Birdhouses out of Barn Boards

My son created this large barn board planter with birdhouses.  He has done some smaller ones in the past, but this one was custom ordered for a swap of goods. ;)  If I get out tomorrow with my camera, I'll post some pics of what he received out of the swap.

We are always on the look out for enamel pots that he can incorporate into his pieces.  The chipped pots work out great for him.  He is working on a smaller one now.  It will have an oval roaster for the planter.  I will have to get some pics to post when he is finished. 

I finally finished going through my aluminum coffee pots today.  Most of the ones that were in good shape went back to the basement and were put on a storage shelf.  My son and his friends can  grab a few to take camping.  Some are just to cool to part with. ;)  The ones that didn't have guts or had rough insides are being reserved  for craft projects.  I am running some ideas by my son and will post as soon as we have finished our collaboration. :)  The rest will get priced and taken in to work.   This girl needs to downsize!     

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