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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dehydrating Bananas with the Nesco Snackmaster Pro

Farmerboy wanted a dehydrator for Christmas.  I researched all the different kinds on Amazon.  The Nesco Snackmaster Pro seemed to be the best fit for his current dehydrating needs.  On Christmas morning, the new appliance was brought into our kitchen; and as soon as he could gather his seasonings, Farmerboy put the machine through a workout by mixing up some deer jerky and dehydrating it (which was extremely good).  But after the jerky craze was over,  the dehydrator sat.  Meanwhile during a family trip, I purchased some dehydrated bananas for a snack.  They tasted awful and were coated in a heavy sugar.  When we got home, we gave a couple to Davey (the pet rat), and he seemed to like them.  Unfortunately, the unhealthy amount of sugar did not make them a suitable snack  him or us.  Then I got to thinking, why not try to dehydrate my own bananas.  How hard could it be?

Now, I can answer that question.  It is not hard at all!  Dehydrating bananas is so simple.  Farmerboy's Snackmaster came with five tiers.  I purchased two extra, bringing the total to seven which seemed like a nice size.  It takes 29 bananas (fully ripe with maybe a few brown flecks) cut into 1/4 inch slices (minus the ends) to fill all of the trays.   The slices should be arranged on each tier without touching. Once arranged, a spray head screwed onto a lemon juice bottle can be used to spritz the slices from the top and bottom.  (I purchased a $1 spray bottle from the Dollar Store.  The spray nozzle fit the lemon juice bottle perfectly!)  When all the trays are filled and stacked, the lid with the motor and fan enclosed can be placed on top.  The setting should be set for Fruits and Vegetables 135 degrees.  Then, the dehydrator can be left to work its magic for 12 to 13 hours.  How uncomplicated is that? 

After allowing the slices to cool in the dehydrator, this is how they looked. They have a consistency of fruit leather, and the lemon gives them a slightly tangy yet sweet taste.  Delicious! 

Here is my jar.  Davey's sits next to his cage.  Well actually, he got a quart and a half, but the half a quart is long gone. ;)   Yep, 29 bananas yield 2 and a half quarts dehydrated.  They make such a great snack.  And the best part...  they never get brown and mushy! :)

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