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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Microwave Potato Bag ~ Gift for Under $10 & Pattern Links

For a quick lunch or a last minute side dish, the microwave potato bag makes the most moist delicious potatoes in 9 minutes or less...
Back in August, I happened upon a crafter at the Baraboo Steam and Engine show that was selling handcrafted sewn items. An assortment of bags in varying fabrics on her table caught my eye.  The vender and fellow customers told me that these bags were the best for making microwave potatoes. Right then, I new that I would have to buy one (or in my case 2!).   The table was filled with all kinds of farm themed fabrics, but the potato design was my favorite and would be the most easily recognizable in my kitchen cupboard.  ;)
How do you use one of these bags?  It is so easy.  Just wash and dry 1-4 medium potatoes.  Do not prick them!  Wrap them in a paper towel and place them in the bag.   While using a microwave with a turntable to prevent scorching or hot spots, microwave potatoes approximately 6 to 8 minutes.  If this is your first attempt, check the potatoes periodically by pressing on the bag for firmness.   (The instructions caution to never leave the potatoes unattended and do not keep reusing the same hot bag for additional batches.)  After cooking is complete, let the potatoes sit in the bag for 5 minutes. 

Viola, the perfect baked potato

They were so moist...  the skins, too.  Mr. Hollow even commented on how great they were.  THAT was a monumental moment since he is not big on spuds.  I LOVE them.  Back in my College days, I had baked potatoes with butter and a little cheddar cheese about every day for lunch.  Unfortunately, there were  many days then and since that the potato turned out dry.  This will NOT be the case anymore!  :)

Can you believe that I purchased my two bags in Baraboo for $6.00 a piece.  I mean really?  Why would I even think about going through the crafting trouble to create these for that much.  Plus, this is one sure way to buy a true quality made product and support my fellow artisans at the same time.  Talk about a great gift idea for under 10 bucks! 

Since most of my blogging friends will not be at Baraboo this August, I suggest checking your local craft shows.  If you don't get out much, pop over to the Etsy website and type in potato bag to search.  You can get your own bag for $5.95 and up, plus shipping.  Or if you have some left over fabric, create some bags of your own.  (Remember to use all cotton fabric and thread!  Polyester will cause a meltdown!)  Lyn Brown has a free pattern in her Craftsy store here.   (Her bag has an open top that folds over for easy loading.)  Or if you want to create a bag similar to mine, pop over to the Stitchin' Tree  for a free PDF here.   Whatever you choose to do, this bag will not disappoint.  I am even thinking about creating some gifts of my own... Or maybe, I will just wait and pick some up in August!! ;) 

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