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Monday, February 25, 2013

Sister's Choice Quilt ~ Progress

A quick update on the progress of my "Sister's Choice" quilt...

I finished all of my blocks and jumped into the task of choosing where they would all fit in the main design.  My method should have been easy --only requiring a few color rearrangements.   But as with all great plans a little error can be expected, and I apparently skipped one side of an outer row, which required me to take a little bit longer completing my task. :(  Well that and a little black furry critter kept making a nuisance of herself! ;) 

Finally, all blocks were in place.  I did a few adjustments on color and picked up my rows.  They are in the process of being sewn together.  It is so exciting to be working on my first full size quilt! :) 

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Patty Sumner said...

Brenda it is beautiful.. I love your little furry friend....Blessings!