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Friday, February 15, 2013

127 Yard Sale Finds of 2012 ~ Part 2

Here are a few of my other finds from the 127 Yard Sale of 2012.  I found this forgotten post in my drafts...Ooops!  It is a great pick-me-up as I write this, look out the window, and am blinded by the remnants of our last snow!  Aaah, Spring is right around the corner. :)

Here are a few cookie cutters that I purchased.  The flags, hatchet and drums will be new shapes to my collection.  The black cat was just too darn cute to leave behind and will join a few identical friends ! ;)

I just cannot pass up these old industrial lights... especially for 5 dollars!   (Due to losing whole days to rain, lots of the venders were making fantastic deals. Thankfully, the showers were always a day ahead of us!)  Mr. Hollow spotted this light on the ground as we were leaving one of the larger flea markets on our travels. 

I couldn't resist this newly made dough trencher from Albany, KY.  The grain in the Buckeye is just wonderful. There was a smaller version with the strongest black in the grain... absolutely spectacular!  But it was quite a bit smaller; although, it did have a huge knot in the wood-- giving it loads of character.  Hmmm... I am feeling just a little regret for not bringing that one home, too. :( 

On its arrival back to Illinois, the bowl was treated with mineral oil.  The grain jumped out immediately.   The grain makes the piece so unique!   

** Note** At one of our motel stays, there was another gentleman that made some HUGE trenchers.  If only I could've thought of a place to display one.  Maybe this year! ;) 

You all know that I love my old spools.  These two big guys came into my home with four friends. :) 

I just fell in love with these bobbins.  On day one of our trip, I bought some of these from a gentleman that had tables FULL of various wooden spools and bobbins.  He was cutting some tremendous deals.  Later down the road, another gentleman had some with great patina, so they entered the grouping as well!

It is so nice to sit here today and reflect on that trip. We had such a wonderful time... with so much to see!   I am really looking forward to this year's adventures! :)

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Patty Sumner said...

Brenda, I love the 127 yard sale...look forward to it each year.. What some great deals you found....Love the old spools and bobbins...Blessings!