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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My New Addition ~ Little Gingerbread Girl from Olde Crow Mercantile

Yes, the squeals of joy that you heard today were coming from a small town in Illinois.  Look what arrived for me in the mail from Olde Crow Mercantile!!  It was my purchase from an online craft show that Wanda aka Olde Crow Mercantile participated in.  Oooow... and look a surprise customer appreciation package! 

How about that tissue paper?  Aren't the crows awesome?!?  I didn't want to ruin the beauty of the packages with their wonderful twine, but I just couldn't wait to see the little Gingerbread girl waiting for me!!

Okay one more moment of suspense! ;)  See this little packet.  It holds the Olde Crow Mercantile business card... turn it over... and look at the paper crows!!  How cool is that?? :)

Drum roll please as I introduce the newest member to the family, this is my molasses sweetened little girl whose name is appropriately been christened Ginger. :)  I wish my blog friends could have a chance to hold this bundle of holiday joy.  She has wee prim arms and legs.  Oddly enough, I was never a dolly girly girl... definitely a tomboy... but I do love prim rag dolls.  She is just  perfect and even has threads in the back to hang her.  Although I would never do that !  There is a vintage child's oak chair with her name on it. :)

See the prim sack next to her with the greens and prim berries?  Wanda sent that along with her, and they will never be apart!  The craftsmanship of these two wonderful pieces makes me so proud to be a customer of the homespun arts (as I old fashionly call it!).  I vow to do my best to purchase as much as I can from these wonderful artisans that I have met at craft shows, in blog land, and on Etsy.  Plus, I just love getting packages in the mail.  Who doesn't? ;)

***Now to show my Christmas giving spirit, I am going to share a coveted secret with my readers.  Do you see that little snow person on my side blog with the double tasselled hat?  Cute as a bug isn't she?  If you click on her picture and leave a comment, you will have a chance at winning her from Olde Crow Mercantile.  Oh how I wish the name drawn will be mine!  But I will not be selfish, so I am letting you know to get your comments in by the 18th of November.  The winner will most certainly be a lucky person! :)  Plus...Yes, there is more.  Olde Crow Mercantile still has her items up for sale here.   So if you would like to do a little online shopping, check out her wonderful items! :) ***

Of course, my nosey Mewbie had to check out the newest girl to the family.  She really was taking a strong liking to the crow tissue paper.  I told her to beat it, or I would send her with return postage to Olde Crow Mercantile! LOL

What?  That ungrateful Cat! LOL ;)


Carmen and the Primcats said...

What a wonderful new treasure. She's adorable. And look s like Mewbie might be taking a little trip. ;)

Carmen and the Primcats

Brenda said...

Thanks Carmen... I just love her!

Apparently Mewbie is looking to take a Christmas vacation! LOL Little traitor!! ;)