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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Making Mini Gourd Snowmen ~ Continued

Tonight my Christmas decorating has been put on hold, and I am working on my mini Snowman gourds.  As you can see, they have their art but are without apparel! ;)  They will be making the trek upstairs to check out the felted wool sweater selection.  There are going to be some tiny hats and scarves to create!  Then, they will be whisked back down to be fitted for their mache bases.  

It has been strange to be work on such little bellies and a fun challenge to find smaller line drawings. With great thanks to Renee Mullins' designs, the tallest gourd received a warm sheep on his belly.   The woolly sheep worked so well on the big gourd that I decided to try it on the tiniest of all my snowmen! :) (It is always a challenge to reuse a pattern, since I do not like to repeat the same colors.)   The little guy stands about 5 1/2 inches tall without his stem.  The sheep reduced to fit his little belly... looks absolutely darling. :)  I am not sure this snowman will get a mache base.  If he does, it will only be for height, since he is a pretty sturdy sitter.  

Sticking with Renee Mullins' designs, I put a wonderful little gingerbread on the middle sized gourd.  Renee's Gingers are so much fun to paint!   They are warm and festive.  This close up composition works so well with the size of the belly.   I can't wait to find a sweater ensemble to coordinate with it! :) 

I am also putting the wire hangers on a few ornaments for my Etsy Store.  My "First Christmas Stocking" sold, and I am listing another green one and created a second one in red.  The lighting in my house is terrible at night, so they will have to wait to be listed until tomorrow.  Hopefully, my mini gourd's will be ready to go for the big shopping weekend! ;)


annie said...

these are just wonderful!

Nancy Baggett said...

These gourds are very cute and clever.

Your set up doesn't allow me to indicate my site address, which is http://www.kitchenlane.com I had to use my google account, which actually I don't use and would rather not have to insert in the field. You might get your response if you fixed this :-)

Brenda said...

Thanks Annie!

Brenda said...

Thank you Nancy... I tried making some changes in my comment settings. I hope that helps! :)

Vicky said...

Imagine that! I'm already a follower! I know a great blog when I see one! These snow folk are fabulous!!

Brenda said...

Thanks Vicky... And I am so happy to have you as a follower, bloggin' buddy, and fellow Etsy seller! :)