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Monday, August 15, 2011

SBS Challenge ~ Blocks # 3 - 7 + Bonus

Hey,  I am still doing the Skill Builder Sampler Challenge!  Just thought you might have thought that I had thrown in the towel with my total lack of updating the blog with my latest blocks.   Geeesh... How could I forget to do that?  And while I am at it, where does the time go?  It is flying by faster than I can make use of it!

Here is the line up so far... Below is block #3 the Churn Dash.  (For some reason, my brain wants to call this the Dash and Churn in the worst way??)  I was scared of breaking into creating triangles and rightfully so. ;) It was a little out of my comfort zone, but that is why it is called a challenge.  Anyways, that is what I kept telling myself!  Upon completion, I felt like I had won a major victory.  ** Sorry Mr. Harshbarger for ever saying that Geometry would never have a place in my life.  Where ever he is today, he can look at this apology as a personal victory!  ;)

So then Leila wanted to inspire us to broaden our horizons and create a block of our own design.  This was considered a bonus block.  Bonus block... sounds like more work to me! LOL  As you can see, my mind was focused on mastering those darn triangles! 

Block #4 was the Pinwheel.  The triangles were a little more of a pain for me than usual.  I am sure the fact that I was pressed for time didn't help.  This one will probably get redone when time allows.  There are a few seams that are off, and it is really bugging me... Grrrrrr!

Block #5 the Arizona was posted, and I thought, "Leila has lost her mind!  Could she possibly throw in a few more triangles???  Yikes!"  Now you can see why I hadn't the time to redo the Pinwheels. LOL   I thought I would never be done with trimming.  But in the end, the result was worth it.  It is a beautiful block, and I am proud to say that I created it. :) 

In fear for her life, Leila posted an easier block with #6 the Bow Tie.  Bless you for this one!  I had just gotten back from vacation with three (#'s 4-6)  cut blocks ready to be sewn together.  The need was great for the last of the three to go smoothly.  This was a fun block and very versatile.  And I am not just saying that due to the fact that it came together fast! ;) 

This is the latest block that is fresh from the sewing machine... # 7 the Virginia Star.   This block is the start of a series of blocks containing  "flying geese" triangles.  This is my favorite block so far.  It is hard to tell from the pic, but the corners are the most wonderful raspberry color.   I flubbed the first try by not reading the directions carefully.  That was a valuable lesson!  The finished product was simple to assemble (when following the directions!), created some dramatic points, and overall makes for a beautiful pattern that is not to busy to enjoy.  I could see myself doing a quilt full of these one day!

Well, now you are all caught up on my challenge blocks.  I have been braking into some different colors on the last few patterns and using a white background.  Since the challenge will encompass many designs, I am letting continuity slide.  Although, I could see some of the blocks being redone in funkier colors.  Yep, I am going down...  the quilting bug has got me!  


Cheryl said...

You are doing a fabulous job. I teach quilting and use some of the same blocks for instruction. Keep it up and you will be hooked in no time like the rest of us. And yes, quilting is math!

Brenda said...

Thanks so much Cheryl! I love to view your work on your blogs. There is so much to learn... I am so happy that their are wonderful people in the blogosphere to teach me the craft. I would be lost without them!!