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Friday, August 26, 2011

48th Annual Badger Steam & Gas Engine Club Show Review ~ Baraboo, WI

Last weekend was the Annual Badger Steam & Gas Engine Show.  It is a SPECTACULAR event that lasts for three days.  They have so many different things to do and see.  Are you ready for the list?  Let me think... there is :  a small engine show (which is not a small exhibition by any means), a huge farm tractor show, car show, vintage chainsaw show/competition, and a glorious 600 vendor flea market.  Let me catch my breath... And  in the several pole buildings on site,  there are old saw mills, wood working shops,  gigantic machines that ran factories, book store, scale models, craft exhibits, and a Women's Center (that I will post more about tomorrow!)  I know that I have probably forgotten some of the exhibits, since there are so many buildings.  Trust me when I say, this is a "must go" if you are in the area this time next August.  It is like spending a day walking through times past.  I could wander around for hours and did!  And a huge plus... the exhibition buildings are in the shade of the trees. ;) 

Did I forget to mention all of the good food?   They had carnival food, stands from various organizations, homemade ice cream, and loads of various pies by the piece in the craft building (can you tell where I ate at!).  There was a huge pavilion in the center where one could sit in the shade and eat, while listening to some great tunes on the organ and accordion.  The music filled the air with such a festive vibe that I wished every weekend could be packed with such fun!

Need help getting from your car to the gate and back?  These people haulers were ready and running.  I just had to get a pick of the Minneapolis Moline carrier for my son.  I thought that he would think it was neat.  Although, I am sure that he would wonder why an IH was pulling it! LOL  

This is a few views from an exhibit building that housed John Deere petal tractors, a display of a miniature working farm (amazing!), and larger farm pieces.  Below is the view across the John Deere field exhibit.  All I can say is that it was HUGE.

Sorry for the far away pics. :(  This is a view from another entry to the building.  Or as I call it... Everything that isn't a Deere exhibit space. LOL ;)  It was even larger than the Deere area.  This photo shows the starting point.  It ran to the south of the building for what seemed like miles, as we went on the hunt for the Minnis.

Another opening to the building gives you a peek at the 600 vendor flea market.  They get such a wonderful array of vendors.  One of the most well balanced flea markets that I have had the pleasure of attending. 

Oh... and after all of that walking, we hit some pay dirt or better yet "yellow gold". 

My hubby loves to go check out the vintage chainsaw show.  They have competitions with all of the old saws.  As you can see, they are in fine running order and were definitely the work horses of their day.  And might I add, it took a pretty healthy man to wield one of these heavy pieces of metal around!  Thank the heavens for modern equipment.  I would die if I had to haul one of these babies around at a work site!

My personal faves are the two man saws.  I just cannot imagine that there was a day when these were standard equipment.  Oh yes, they are heavy too!  Isn't it great that these guys take the time to collect and restore these wonderful pieces of forestry history.  Not only that, but they are nice enough to let us enjoy watching them in action. 

They are just to cool!  Thanks guys for a wonderful afternoon!!

I wish that I had thought to take pics at all of the buildings.  The citizens of Baraboo are so lucky to have such a wonderful event in their backyard.  I know that if I lived closer, they would have seen me there every single day!!

Tomorrow, I will be posting some highlights of the time that I had in the Women's Event Center.  And of course, I'll share a few of my finds at the flea market!! ;)

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