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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thrifty Finds ~ 127 Yard Sales

We have been traveling the 127 Corridor Sales for over 8 years now.  My house and basement are filled with the treasures brought home after our travels - from apothecary jars to vintage linens - rustic paintable treasures to antique Christmas ornaments .  The buying can be limitless as we hit several flea markets a day - walking and looking at items from 8:00 am to 5:00pm.  And let's not forget all of the yard sales that we find along the road!   It is truly an amazing event to be a part of.  Our travels span the states of Kentucky and Tennessee, and we are always amazed by variety of items out for sale.  In the larger flea market areas, there are whole antique shops out on display.  Just breath taking! 

These wooden bobbins came from a gentleman, who arrived in Tennessee hoping to get away from the Florida heat.  The weather had other ideas with temps way into the 90's!   He had wooden bobbins of every shape and size.  I mean... bins upon bins of the most wonderful bobbins to display or recycle.   I bought these smaller green ones to craft with, but he also had them in natural and a gorgeous blue color.  *sigh*  Oh... the possibilities!  He had bought out a textile factory and had cheap bulk prices to offer. :)  The factory also made him take the inventory of thread.  Some of the smaller amounts of thread were still on old wooden spools, while the larger quantities were on cardboard tubes.  The thread varied in thickness and type.  Thank heaven (for my husband anyways!) that we had to keep on pace.  If I would have had time to think, this could have been a dangerous spending opportunity! ;)

Here are some feed sacks that I bought in a pavilion in Kentucky.  There are some patterns that I acquired this year that will work perfectly with these.   

Nothing like some vintage linens.  Interesting twist with the blue apples and red flowers!  I think they will mix well with my projects involving my printed feed sacks. :)

Here are a few items from a favorite spot that I have been visiting in Kentucky every year that we have attended the sales.  A man and wife set up with new and used linens.  They sell in bulk, and they sell cheap!! 

On the bottom is a bath blanket.  It is large (close to a twin size) and will work great for a light batting on quilts.  There were stacks of these new from the factory, and she was selling them for 50 cents each!  I think that I ended up buying 10.  I should have bought more at those prices. ;)

I purchased some baby blankets in a variety of prints.  These had been laundered but were high quality, thick/durable, and like new.   I thought they would make a great backing for my cross stitch quilts.  Quite a buy for 25 cents a piece.

I also bought some hospital scrubs that were new in the packages for $1.00 a piece.  New bath mats that came packaged 6 for $5.00 (over stock from the textile factory that manufacture for motels).  And a few other things that I will remember after I unload my two laundry bags that they filled for me! 


This was a golden find for me.  It is an industrial light.  This is the second one that I have found flea marketing.  If you are in the drafting, illustrating, or crafting business, these are priceless.  This one sits on the table and swings around by the arm, and the light can be turned also.  My other lamp that I found clamps to my drafting table.  Trust me when I say... "They don't make them like they use too!"

So that this post doesn't get too long, I will switch to a couple of my hubby and son's items.  They have their own favorite seller on the trip that sets up across from my linen lady.  He is a gentleman that sells De Walt tools at great prices.  This is where the money starts to fly rapidly out of their billfolds!

As you know, my hubby and son love their chainsaws.  My son purchases and restores vintage chainsaws, and he found three on this trip.  I spared you all that photo op!   My hubby is on the look out for the modern varieties, although he did purchase a large Mall two man saw last year.  This year he didn't purchase any, but we did find him these signs for his shop.  He is a Stihl man at heart, and I found him a banner for those on the 127 a few years back, but I think these brands will add to the wall decor! ;)


Another wonderful trip to look back on.  We have about 4 large flea markets to attend near our home this fall.  Then, it will be winter and thrift shopping until spring.  Where does the year go?


annie said...

You got some great things! My husband would love the saw signs too. Looking forward seeing the goods you create from the things you bought!

Brenda said...

Hello Annie... When we first started to flea market, I was all about antiques. Now, I lean more towards finding items to incorporate into art creations. It fills my winter days with warm memories and fun projects! :)