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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Second Antique Tractor Pull for the Minneapolis Moline U

See the hazy look to this picture... It wasn't just due to the fact that I was shooting into the sun.  It was hot and humid at the tractor pull in Elizabeth.  It definitely could have been worse.  Thankfully,  the pull started at 5 pm.  This is the first one that we have been to that began in the evening, but as you can see, the sun didn't set until around 8:30.  My son competed with his Minni U that runs on LP in the 6000 and 6500 farm class.  Due to the lack of trailer space, the poor Minni Z hasn't seen a pull yet this year.  But I am sure, it will make it to our local pull. ;)  

The Minni has a lot of power.  There is plans in the works for a front bracket to mount more weights, but it didn't seem to hurt the pulls this weekend.  The decision has been made to compete in heavier classes the next time.  I think that they are going to try 6500 and 7000 or 7500.  The heavier she is - the better she seems to pull.

This is what happens when the kid finishes to close to where Mom is standing.  Yikes!  It is the only time that I have seen this tractor with its tires up.  These photos were from the 6000 class.  The sun set on the 6500 class, and I did not have my camera set for it.  Rats!  It made for some very dark shots. :(    Live and learn...

How did the kid do?    Well, there were 15 tractors in the 6000 class, and he wasn't in the top three.  We actually lost count on his standing in that pull.  In the 6500 class,  there were 13 tractors,  and he placed third in a tight top three.  So now back to the drawing board with plans on how to improve the weight issues before the next pull!

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