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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Electricity Anyone??

I woke up to the alarm from the weather radio on Monday that we were under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning.   The main focus was on strong straight line winds.  It was way to early for me to get up but not enough time for me to go back to sleep. LOL  So, I laid there like a slug until the sky got darker and darker.  We didn't get much rain or lightening, but for about 5 minutes, we had some unbelievable straight line winds.  Needless to say, there were trees down everywhere.  In our little town, almost every tree seemed to be drawn to the nearest power line.  Aaargh!  Lights Out... Cable Out... Internet Out... and with the help of my trusty non cordless phone, the calls to our tree business began to trickle in.

So what have I been up to since Monday?  The first day, after surveying the damage to all the power lines, we decided to hook up our generator.  Com Ed informed the town that we could be out for three days.  We were blessed by having our power restored by supper time.  (Unfortunately, over half the town had to wait until Wednesday night.)  That night, I headed out to do tree work with the guys.  The second day, I worked at my day job and came home to a very quite house with our cable and Internet still non-existent.  I hurried to get a bite to eat before heading out for a full night of cleaning up fallen trees.   Yesterday was a repeat of the day before but came home to find out Mediacom had restored out cable and Internet. Yay!  Unfortunately, it was way to late to enjoy them.  Drat!  So now on day four, I am able to come home from work and explain my absence from my blogging friends.  Due to a well timed Stephenson County Tractor Pull that my hubby and son are currently attending, I am not needed to drag and chip brush and can catch up on all the wonderful happenings of the blogging world.   

I finally remembered my camera last night.  This was taken in a town 10 minutes to the east where the storm wasn't as bad.  Under the power lines is a toppled over little tree.  We were working in the yard on the right where the head came out of a pine tree.  Sorry, I didn't get any  pics from our hometown work, but it was way to hot ... and I was way to scummy to handle a camera!

I hope everyone is enjoying better summer weather.  I am grateful that there wasn't any harm to anyone  or their homes.  Now the weather man is calling for severe heat for the next week or so.  Ugh!  It should start heating up on Sunday... just in time for my birthday! 

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