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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Disappearing 9 Patch Quilt

I have been collecting fabric and quilting books over the years from garage sales and thrift shops.  I love to read about the origins of quilts and look at all the magnificent patterns.  My hopes were that one day, I would take the time to begin the journey of learning how to make quilts.  So... to fulfill one of my many goals in life, I am beginning this week on the "Disappearing 9 Patch Quilt".  This project was inspired by Mary over at Gettysburg Homestead . If you click on her blog name, it will take you to her post that will be the first of many on creating "The Disappearing 9 Patch Quilt".  And thanks to the all the fine quilters that have taken the time to demonstrate their craft on YouTube.  It is a world of learning on the Internet.  Click here if you would like to watch the video from the Missouri Quilt Co. that does a tutorial on this project  and many other quilting videos.  

The first decision for me was to choose the fabric for my quilt.  I have always had a fondness for the colors of fall and Halloween.   For this quilt, I picked a few of my favorite patterns.  *Interesting thrifty note:  The pumpkin square on the bottom right of the block was cut from fabric that was originally a treat bag that my son was given many years ago.  The bag was made by bunching a large square of fabric around some candy and tying it with a ribbon, so the square wasn't damaged at all.   Hey, can't go throwing away perfectly good fabric... right?  I knew it would be of use one day.  Well... maybe not 15 years later... but better late than never! ;)

Since I have never cut blocks before, I was tempted to buy some charm packs.  My hubby looked at me like I crazy for throwing that thought out there.   So I took the plunge and cut my beloved fabric.  But do not worry, I have plenty of extra just in case. :)

Here is my first completed block.  It may not be absolute perfection, but I understand that I am a newbie to this art form.  I definitely need to get more practice behind using a rotary cutter and aligning my seams.  Plus since there is more cutting and turning to do to this block, I am kind of anxious to see how my fabric choices work out in the final piece.   In my other forms of art that I produce, it has never been a problem to envision the look of the final product, but this little quilt is going to be a surprise when it is put together.  I thought my best bet was to pick fabrics that seemed to get along with each other.  It will be a fun experience whatever the outcome!

So... I am off to the sewing machine to work on some more blocks.  I will post some updates in the future with my progress.  I have some other painting projects in the works that I will be posting soon.  There is never an idle moment in this house.  Half the fun in my life is coming up with a schedule to fit all my projects in for a few hours every week!  :)

*Note*  I found a neat little site that helped me tremendously with lining up my seams.  It is called Quilting - Tidbits .  Just click on their name if you would like to check them out.