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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Disappearing 9 Patch Quilt Continued

Hard to believe a week has gone by!  I was adjusting to starting back at one of my part time jobs.  The first week is always a mess.  This coming week should go a lot smoother after settling in to the new schedule.  Anyways... I did get to divide my 9 square blocks into quarters today.  Then, I proceeded to begin the process of picking the design.  Aaaaagh!  It was craziness I tell you... sheer craziness.  It would have been easier to solve a Rubik's Cube! ;0) 

Do I line up the seams?  Do I attempt lining them up?  Do I alternate and let the design be scattered and random?  Do I go with organization and a repeating pattern?  Should I just throw the quilt blocks up in the air and let them land where they may?  (This was close to being the solution at one point!)  Plus, do you think those sweet women that quilted by hand so many years ago without new fangled machines and handy gadgets,  also owned their own personal still somewhere behind their log cabin in a clearing beyond the trees? LOL   Oh my, I have so much admiration for those wonderful ladies and their hand skills and beautiful patterned quilts.  And to think...they were creating the most wonderful works in fiber art with many of the fabrics being of a recycled variety.  Can you imagine?   Okay enough rambling... Here is what I came up with.   

Call it the graph based realist in me, or the fact that I was raised by a super clean and organized Mom, but this is the design that finally made me smile.  Yes, I went with a set pattern!  The novelty fabric was just to busy to do a random design.  The camera photographed it on a much brighter scale.  It is a lot darker into the fall tones than it shows, but at least you can get an idea of where I am headed.  Once the blocks are sewn together, I am going to make a boarder for the left and bottom to match the top and right side.   I am sure if I had any experience in quilt making, this process would have taken a lot less time.  I am not sure how lining up seams will go, but I will do my best to take on the challenge.  :)

Here is my solution to keep my pattern in order after taking it apart.  I knew this 1" graph paper would come in handy one day. ;)  The red writing is where I changed my wide side to the long side, if that makes any sense.  I will be losing the two last black to rows to the right.  On the first layout, the majority of the blocks faced the viewer from either side (which was due to my constructing the quilt from one of its sides), so a last minute decision was made to jump the placement of two rows.  This correction placed the view point from top to bottom.  Now I am completely happy.  Onward to the challenge of getting this quilt top together!  

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