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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stihl Chainsaw Blanket

Nothing like starting a 2010 Christmas present a month after the holiday! The only plus is that I finished it in one day... one long day. I am so happy to report that the task is done! :)

Let me start by explaining the reason for the gift. My husband is an avid Stihl Chainsaw user. He has worked in the tree care service for 28 years. Although his day job is a plumber/electrician, we have a tree trimming and removal business on the nights and weekends. (Yes, believe it or not, there are quite a few days out of the year that you can find me dragging and chipping brush.) At holiday time, I am always buying him Stihl memorabilia. And let me tell you, it is getting harder and harder to find something new.

When the cold weather arrived in early December, my husband began hinting that he would like to have a fleece blanket to use while watching television. That seemed a reasonable and useful gift. I have one... my son has several with his favorite teams on them... even the cat has one of her own that she would love to share with her beloved owner... BUT

for some reason hubby doesn't want to use it?? Can't imagine why? ;) LOL

So with absolutely no quilting experience, I took the task at hand. I was determined that he would have no ordinary blanket. It would definitely be orange and black, but how could I punch it up a little? It was then my eye fell upon a magazine with the all to familiar logo on it. Well... they were block letters. And lets face it, you really can't screw up with fleece. Okay, well maybe I could... but the odds were in my favor. So, I sketched and figured some rough dimensions, ordered the fleece, and proceeded to get too busy to even think of doing the project! :( AAAgh!

But now I can finally announce that on this day, January 27th, the task is complete. Mew and I worked tirelessly... anyways, I did while she slept! My husband was very surprised. Even though there will be no quilters award for this first attempt, it didn't turn out too bad for a newbie! The only problem?? My husband is not sure if he wants to use it... he's afraid it might get dirty. AAAAgh! You know what I think...


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