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Friday, January 7, 2011

Thrifty Friday Find~ Chilton Ware Coffee Pot

Vintage coffee pots are another fascination of mine. I have purchased many with the intentions of doing some painting on the outsides of them. But, there are a few that paint will never grace. Here is one such coffee pot. (My Mom was the lucky finder of this one.) Now... I have some large enamelware pots in my arsenal, but this has to be my biggest metal one. It is 7 1/2 inches high (not including handle) and a whopping 30 1/2 inches around. The markings on the inside indicate that it can be used to make 20 or 30 cups. (I just had to take a pic with the guts.) It must have been amazing to smell such a huge pot of coffee brewing on the stove! The sturdy handle is well constructed to withstand the expected weight and wonderfully designed. Can you imagine picking this one up and pouring it at the 30 cup level? I glance at it occasionally and imagine where, when, and how it must have been used. If only these vintage pieces could whisper to us the stories of their lives. **sigh** Their tales would make for one enchanting evening!

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