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Friday, January 21, 2011

Thrifty Friday Find ~ Picnic Baskets & Painting on Baskets

I love picnic baskets. If a vendor has a good deal on a basket, odds are in its favor that it is coming home with me!

Picnic baskets are sturdy enough to stack and use in place of end tables. They are great visually and make a super place for storage (more of my fabric stash!). :) Each basket represents a leisurely feeling of bygone days and can come in an amazing array of colors, shapes, and weaves.

Imagine the work that goes into each basket. Weaving and caning are two arts that I have never tried my hand at. (Bless the wonderful people that are still keeping the art alive!) One of my friends offered to teach me to cane, but my husband informed him that I have enough hobbies. I must admit... my hubby is right! But don't tell him that I said so. ;)

The different weaves and textures can break up the monotony of a room. I use them a lot in my front room; even though, my husband designed the room with a more Victorian feel. My early Americana/primitive style doesn't seem to fight it too much. :)

I also like to use picnic baskets in my tole art. Here is one painted with a design from Chris Thornton. (The pic makes it a little brighter than it actually is.) It was done in wonderful rustic colors, and the basket itself has a wide woody primitive weave. The flat wooden top makes for an excellent painting surface. I will be listing some of these in my Etsy store. You know... the store that was suppose to be up and running over a month ago. *sigh* ;)

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