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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Grinch Returns

Okay, so remember how the paper pieced pattern was incorrect on the Grinch?    I know, I am going a ways back in 2018.  Well let's just say, the quilt UFO was put into a box with the new extra yardage and forgotten about.... partially on purpose and partially due to some twists in life.  But I am taking this word of the year "Actualize" seriously here.  I looked at the beautifully cut pieces and decided to make this quilt "real".  So, I got out the orange spooky dot fabric and began to cut.  Are you ready for another unbelievable crazy turn?   I never measured the yard of fabric upon receiving it all those months ago.  It was cut at 31 inches in length... not 36.  Arrrg!  Seriously?  What are the odds of that?  I am most certain in the belief that God is teaching me a lesson of patience and perseverance with this quilt.  Although hopefully, the lesson will end with the orange fabric! lol   Back I went to the online store, that luckily still had some of the fabric, and purchased another yard of the orange due to arrive later this week.  I am figuring this little quilt will be the most expensive quilt ever made.  Sheesh!  What more can I say?
On a joyous note... It was a perfect weekend to bring the quilt pieces out from their slumber.  I completed all but 14 paper pieced corner triangles.  Hopefully, they will be completed this weekend.  The larger 12 inch squares were also started, and two were joined together to give a sneak peek to the larger picture. Wow!  The colors and theme still makes me smile.  Maybe that is why quilts fascinate me so.   A quilt draped over a bed tells a story.  The story is not just of the fabrics it is comprised of, the image it conveys, or the skill level of the quilter,  but the memories of the artist who creates it.  Memories composed of triumphs and failures, perseverance and patience,  joy and unhappiness, and above all life's moments that happen in between.    As with all art, how can you put a price tag on that?     

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