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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gourd Snowman "Make Do" Work in Progress

Remember those bed springs that I purchased many months ago??  Well, I am finally getting around to playing with one of them.  I have been fascinated by the primitive "make do's"  and am finally working on one of my own. :)  My little snowman started out as a cannonball gourd.  And as you can see, he is still waiting on his upcycled wool sweater hat and scarf.  I hope to get them and him completed this weekend.  He has been chilling ;)  on his perch patiently.  The studio has been quiet the last couple of weeks while I have been training full time for a new daytime job.  My new hours will be part time (unless I'm needed to fill in for vacations).  So... Back to the studio for me... Yay!!! :)

I  am so excited to work on my first "make do" and am thrilled with his progress.  As you can see,  he has a mache nose. And for a new twist, I added mache eyes for extra dimension.  I think, the addition of mache eyes will keep his hat from traveling down his face, too! ;)   After a little more shading, his makeup will be complete.  Then, it will be off to the spray booth for some sealer...      

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