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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hope and The American Cancer Society

While looking through last weekends photos from the campground, I felt the need to do an individual post about a special event that they hosted for the weekend. As many of you know, the American Cancer Society hosts Relay for Life. Last year, the permanent campers took turns walking every hour. This year, there was a bake sale at the barn and The American Cancer Society donated "Hope is Greater" tshirts to be sold. All the money collected from both sales were donated to The American Cancer Society. I personally would like to thank those people who took the time to bake the wonderful items that we purchased last weekend and years past. We appreciated the opportunity to buy shirts for our family. This is a great cause with a lot of heroes working behind the scenes donating of their time, energy, and money. But most importantly, our thoughts and prayers are for those whose lives will be touched by this disease in the future, those who have survived this disease in the past, those who are currently battling to live through it, and for those we have lost along the way. It is a cause near and dear to many.

There was a brief prayer, a reading of names of those afflicted by the disease past and present, and a short speech by one of the attendees with her hopes that those afflicted will get a second chance as she did. Then, these balloons were released for those that we love, and those we will always love, with a reminder to remember that this is the month for Breast Cancer Awareness . Isn't that a beautiful representation of hope?

Now, we were ready for our walk.

I know this photo is a little dark, but I wanted to show this lane of the campground. It was a small segment that represents how all of the roads looked that night. They were all lit up with luminaries donated by The American Cancer Society. These luminaries bordered all of roads through the campgrounds. Some of the luminaries had names of donors on them, and all lit the way for a walk to remember, always...

HOPE... That says it all...

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